MDT 8443

Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 8843

The successor to MDT 2013 is not 2014 or even 2016 but 8443. This unhelpful naming refers to the build version number. It was released on the 9th of November, 2016.


Build 8443 is the newest version of the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit and offers support for:

  • Deployment and upgrade scenarios for Windows 10and Windows Server 2016 (which includes version 1607, Enterprise LTSB and Education editions)
  • the Windows ADK for Windows 10 1607 (v10.1.14393.0)
  • integration with Configuration Manager 1606

It brings a number of bug fixes, mainly to cope with changes for Windows 10, in particular, fixes for the in-place upgrade method and the “Configure ADDS step”. It finally removes dependencies on both imagex and ocsetup by switching to DISM, at long last.

The ConfigMgr integration template files have been updated to 1606.