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About DeployBoy; yes, this is my photo
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This is a little about me, DeployBoy. I am a Welshman living in England and I work in IT. This blog is my way of giving something back to the IT community and sharing some of the knowledge I have picked up over my career. I’ve been employed (yes paid to do this type of stuff) for just over 20 years, but my interest in computing stretches back to the 80s when I discovered the ZX Spectrum. It was a revelation. Programming, micro-drives and thermal printers that shared lots with school-grade toilet paper. It was an exciting time. Then I got an Amiga and it converted me into an advocate. This was the eighties and they introduced me to scripting, command aliases, disk compression, virtual disks, RAM disks, plug and play hardware and multitasking. Yes, real, 100% genuine multi-threaded, multitasking. Oh and a drag and drop, object-based GUI. At the time Microsoft was text-based and single-tasking. They later launched Windows 95 and faked multitasking by switching between apps really fast relying on plain brute force. It was ugly and I hated it.

Another ten years passed and Windows 2000 came out and finally Microsoft began to catch up with the “toy” Amiga OS. Some may argue as here but Microsoft borrowed elements of Amiga OS. Even today there are echoes visible in Windows.

That cute white speech bubble the Configuration Manager pops when a deployment is available. The Amiga had that feature in 1986 almost to the pixel. There are many other examples, such as this one:
Amiga Boing ball in the folder symbol in Windows

I’m not suggesting copyright theft at all. It’s just someone saw it, liked it and thought we’d love to do that too. So they did. I guess it happens all the time.

The irony is that I now earn a living from Microsoft technology. Fixing it, automating it and deploying it to hardware.


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